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Orange County Jail - "The Main"
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Santa Ana Headquarters - (714) 547-7138

Contact us as soon as the person has been arrested. We can then monitor their progress while being “booked,” and in many cases, complete paperwork with you right away. That way, we can be ready to deposit the bail bond at the jail as soon as they are ready for the release process to begin to speed their release.

The Orange County jail system is one of the largest in the United States, housing as many as 9,000 inmates at any time. The jail “system” consists of 5 separate facilities: The “Main Jail” Complex in Santa Ana consists of the IRC (Intake and Release Center), the Men’s Central Jail and the Women’s Central Jail. The other facilities are the James Musick Branch Jail (“The Farm”) in Irvine and Theo Lacy Branch Jail (“Lacy”) in Orange. There is a method to where someone ends up, but it doesn’t mean they will stay there. The “Main Jail” has a medical facility and staffing by medical personal to provide medial services to inmates as required.

This is a huge operation so don’t be surprised if it takes many hours to get someone booked into or also released from the jail.

Processing Time: From when someone arrives and starts the booking process, it can take a minimum of 3 hours or as long as 8 hours or more before they will have information available to bail them out. Once a bail bond is deposited for releasing someone, it can take another 3 to 8 hours for their release to be processed. In other words, this is a 6 to 16 hour process – if everything goes well.

To check on an arrestee, you can look them up by name.

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