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La Habra Police Department
201 East La Habra Boulevard
La Habra, Ca. 90631
(562) 697-4378

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The La Habra Police Department maintains a holding jail for both men and women arrested in La Habra. If they are arrested on a new case for something that just occurred, called an “open” charge or a “street address,” they will usually be held here in La Habra until their court date at North Justice Center in Fullerton. That is usually the second court date from their arrest. If it is a warrant, and it was issued out of the court in Fullerton, they will stay at this jail before being sent to court. If the warrant was from any other court, the arrestee will be moved to the Orange County Jail. It is worth mentioning that La Habra’s Jail also does screening through ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to determine the legal status of arrestees and this could prevent someone from being bailed out.

Processing Time: From when someone arrives and starts the booking process, it can take an hour or so before they will be available to be bailed out.

Once a bail bond is deposited for release, they will usually be out in less than 30 minutes.

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Check with the jail to determine if visiting an inmate is possible.